April 19th, 2015


EXCLUSIVE: Muse Talk "Drones" for the First Time

Hello there. I didn't notice there were new Muse interviews until just an hour or so ago; I’ve been quite distracted with the new Daredevil series! I recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in superheroes. It's that good. But anyway, we are here to talk about Muse, amirite? Whoops.

Some interesting bits are…Apparently also Matt stalks us on the boards and Twitter. I hope he’s alright after that lol. And also at least some of the songs played during the Psycho tour will make it to the Drones tour. There’s also a bit where I can’t figure out what Matt is saying about piano because he’s talking at the same time as Dom (of course). I hope he's saying that there is piano, and not that there isn’t. *crosses fingers*

Also I haven’t really properly checked this over because I’m quite tired tonight, so sorry about any wackiness in the transcript. (Come back tomorrow for both parts of the Sixx Sense interview. :D)

The embed code didn’t work so click here to listen to it.

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