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Dom Interview with BBC Radio 6 Music’s Georgie Rogers

Edit: Here’s another link to the interview where you don’t have to log in to listen to it. ;)

It's a Dom interview! Woo! Some interesting stuff here is how the album wasn't conceived as a concept album but it all just kind of evolved naturally instead.

It’s been amazing! It’s been very nice to kind of, just to get back out on the road. But you know, playing these venues that we’ve been playing, these theatres… That’s been like, totally awesome. And just been, you know, an amazing crowd. Everyone’s been rowdy. They’ve been kind of like, cool, like sweaty rock gigs, which I like playing.

And what’s the reaction been like, then, to new music, to ‘Psycho’, which I imagine is a bit of a gig moment now as well.

Yeah, it’s been really great. I mean we’re only playing two new songs at the moment, because we’re still actually just finishing off the album. But yeah, ‘Psycho’, the reaction to ‘Psycho’ has been great. We’ve actually been out playing that first, and this uh… It’s been going down great. I mean, really, it’s been a riff that we’ve been playing um, y’know, after songs and here and there for like the last fifteen years or something. So I suppose, it kind of… some fans, it’s kind of a familiar riff. We’ve always had so much fun just jamming it out that it’s obviously taken sixteen years to turn it into a track. But uh… but yeah, it’s been getting down great. Everyone’s been singing the riff, rather than just the words, so it’s a good moment at the start of the set.

How does it change things when you’re putting together an album with this kind of storyline—dare I say it, concepts?

Well, it kind of… I suppose the uh, like, probably lyrically and like, if there’s any kind of storyline running through it, it kind of just evolved quite naturally, really. It’s not something that’s been set out from day one. Like, ‘right, we’re gonna do this’ or write a story and make some music around it. I think any kind of… things with Matt, lyrics, there’s always kind of come after the music anyway. We always kind of cases of music making first. And often, the kind of feelings and you know, the feeling you get from the music and emotion you feel from the music often ends up inspiring the lyrical content. So I think you know, the kind of uh, if there is a narrative that sort of do run through the album, I think it’s evolved quite naturally, really. It kind of just fell into place and made sense. I think it’s probably only recently the lights start hanging in it. All of a sudden it all just started to make sense and what we ended up with seems like the obvious track listing.

And it’s sort of centered around these drones that are indoctrinated by system. Is there something deeper going on here, is it a nod to modern day society and your views on it? Or…

Yeah! Well, no, it always is. [laughs] You know, I think that just the word drones is used in a quite a metaphorical sense. The words and the title of the album Drones is used yeah, in a very kind of metaphorical way how, y’know, we can all be brainwashed, how society can seem very brainwashed from certain perspectives and just, y’know, how odd the world works. And how kind of like at arm’s length everything seems to be getting thickly in a terrible world of warfare. Yeah, it’s uh, yeah, it’s very much like metaphorical thing, I suppose, then just y’know, drones flying around or anything like that, y’know? But it’s certainly uh, an amount of kind of brainwashing content just in the album.
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