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Chris Wolstenholme Interview Xfm - Dead Inside Premiere

Last one for today! (so much for Daily Muse Bread) This interviewer has a really calm voice. So does Chris. I enjoyed listening to both of them. Anyway this is a really short one, and I'm giggling at them being superstar divas trying to cram themselves into an LDV haha.

Chris Wolstenholme Interview Xfm - Dead Inside Premiere

New material from Muse. They played the last show out in a small run of shows they did for the Psycho Tour, so I’m sure Brighton is buzzing right now. Head of stage, I think around about 9 o’clock tonight, the Brighton Dome, but we have bassist Chris, from Muse, on the show right now. How’re you doing?

Yeah, I’m good. How’s it going?

Yeah, really well, thank you. I’ve just been sat with everyone else. I haven’t been to this run of shows. Just watching all the photos and all the, y’know, everything online about it. It looks like you had the best time ever the last few days.

Yeah, it’s been amazing, actually. We’ve been suffering from some severe rock neck on this tour. We see the crowd going mental and that makes you go mental and this kind of vicious circle of energy that’s going around in the room. And then, well in the arenas I think sometimes it gets a bit lost a little bit, y’know? And uh, on this tour, it’s just been a real back-to-basics rock show. Y’know, it’s got us talking a little bit about maybe we should be more of this kind of stuff, y’know. As much as it’s great to play the big arenas and we love doing the stadium shows and festivals. But there’s definitely that I feel there’s missing, y’know. You come back to these shows and you just feel this really strong connection with the audience again. And I think it’s something that we’ve missed a little bit. And didn’t realize we missed it, y’know?

Yeah, absolutely. Well, that was the Psycho Tour, of course, wasn’t it? We played that last week, and tonight we’re premiering ‘Dead Inside’, which will be the first single. This is the opening track of the album, isn’t it, Drones. So this is a big deal; this is the start of the story, isn’t it, this record?

It is the start of the story. And I think more so than any of the albums we’ve done, there’s real development for the character that goes on a journey throughout the album, y’know? I think the whole album deals with people losing hope and being vulnerable to dark forces, being vulnerable to brainwashing and being controlled. The album deals a lot with that, y’know?

Well, I look forward to hearing it from start to finish. Really intrigued by the whole thing.

It’s a bit fun process but I think the most important thing with this album was it went back to being a guitar, bass, and drums band.

Well, thank you so much for your time. I know you’ve got the last show tonight in Brighton. Have you spent time down by the beach today, or have you kind of kept behind closed doors?

Naah, we had a, we had a really ropey night on the bus last night.

Oh, did you?

We haven’t done a lot of bus travel in, on the last few tours, and I think with the whole going back to basics thing on this tour…so yeah let’s get back on the bus! And it was a bad move.

We should uh, get you back in an LDV or something like that.

Oh no!

And cram you in. Well listen, have a wicked show tonight and I really appreciate your time. Send our best to the rest of the band, and we’ll catch up, I’m sure, at Download. Fantastic new track. We’re gonna play it right now.
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