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Muse - Matt Bellamy interview BBC - Radio 1

Actually, does anyone know who this interview is with?
Anyway, this isn't all that different from the interview with Triple J, except we get a bit more info on ‘The Globalist’, which is apparently Citizen Erased 2!

Matt, are you there?

Yes, I'm here.

How’s it going?

Good, good. How’re you?

Very well. I'm curious as to how you and your band enjoyed the tour.

Ah, it’s been amazing. Had a really great time. I kinda just wanna play like this all the time now, y’know? These little venues that we haven’t played a lot of them since like, 2001 or somethin’? And um, the crowd have just been unbelievable. They’re rocking out and uh, sweaty. I can see everyone’s face, y’know? It’s brilliant.

Yeah. I think sometimes if you play massive venues, sometimes it’s quite um, intimidating playing small venues again. Did you find, were you guys worried about it, or…

Actually I find it the opposite. I find it much more, y’know, chilled out and relaxed, y’know. You sort of… it’s much more casual, much more improvisation then you can kind of, y’know, less scared to make mistakes. Naturally you end up taking more risks and just mucking around a bit more. So uh, and the main thing is you can just see everyone’s face. People, like, towards the back of the venue. You can just see them all and it’s so nice to see all these um, crazy hardcore fans out there, digging into the… ’cause we’re playing a lot of old stuff out there, y’know. We played some old b-sides and stuff we haven’t played for years and years so it’s been nice to reconnect with those uh, those songs, y’know?

And how’s it been playing the new stuff as well?

Oh, it’s been great! Yeah, that song called ‘Psycho’ that we put out, I gotta say that’s probably the best reaction to a live, the best live reaction to a song we’ve played live I’ve ever seen since we began.

Wow! That’s a big statement!

It’s just one big moshpit from the beginning to the end, y’know? I mean, yeah. And people just seem to… and everyone sings the riff. Like, no one sings the—

*sings riff* Ha ha!

It’s just one of those cheap-ass riffs that just um, um… ass as in a cross between a donkey and a mule. I don’t mean it in an offensive way. [laughs] Um, it’s one of those cheap riffs that everybody gets straight away and it’s really cool.

Oh my goodness, Matt, are you going to take over from White Stripe’s ‘Seven Nation Army’ as the most sung riff ever?

[laughs] The most sung—Yeah, we just sort of distilled that riff a little bit further into an even simpler format, yeah.

Well great, I'm so glad it’s going well. Tonight is the, kind of the grand finale of that tour. And it seems fitting that we’re kind of, you’re kind of starting your album, your first official single on the show tonight, before this last gig of the tour.


Tell us about this ‘Dead Inside’. So it starts the album, it sets up the album, and it also kind of sets up the album conceptually as well.

Yeah, yeah. The album’s got a bit of a narrative going on. The first song is like a pretty jaded song where a person loses hope and kind of therefore becomes vulnerable to kind of the dark forces which happen on the next few songs. Y’know, like ‘Psycho’ obviously, sort of like being drawn in to military brainwashing and songs after that. It’s just sort of battling the dark forces that sort of trying to control our minds and everything. And eventually gets to songs like ‘Revolt’ and ‘Defector’ where the person sort of, starts to fight back, y’know? Sort of re-takes control of themselves. And then ‘Aftermath’ is obviously a sort of um, rekindling with love type situation and then ‘The Globalist’ is just like a kind of crazy, mental, 10 minute, prog nightmare.


Which, y’know, is about the rise and fall of a dictator. A lot of the fans keep tweeting asking about what song the sequel to ‘Citizen Erased’ is. It’s the song called ‘The Globalist’ which is basically a… it’s kind of um… it’s like a narrative within itself about sort of yeah, the rise of a dictator and the end of the world and World War III and all the good stuff that I like, y’know? [laughs]

And c’mere, are these genuine, real concerns or are these, is this symbolism? Tell me about, y’know, you talk about the dark stuff.

Yeah, yeah. I’d say it’s like, the drone thing. I was reading a lot about drones and what they’re all about and everything. And to me, it’s like a modern metaphor for what it is to lose empathy, y’know? And to start to not really care much about what’s going on around you and what’s going around the world, yeah? And I think that um, y’know through modern technology and drone warfare in particular, it’s possible to do quite horrific things by remote control a great distance without actually feeling any of the consequences or even feeling responsible in some way, y’know? And the next step in drones is gonna be autonomous drones, which actually make kill decisions themselves. Nobody, no humans involved, y’know? So I think we’re right on that edge right now, where we’re kind of sort of taking the step into losing empathy, y’know? And I think the album is basically exploring that journey.

Amazing. Okay. Well listen, that’s a great kind of rundown of the general themes of the album, Drones. And we’re gonna go back and listen to ‘Dead Inside’ again with that context. Matt, thank you so much.

Cool, thanks a lot. Thanks.

Have a great gig tonight!

Cheers, we hope to see you soon. Take care.

Take care, bye bye.

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