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06 June 2015 @ 01:25 am
I really like what Matt said about the message about the album in this interview more than the others. Plus, they talk about pasta. Some other memorable lines under the cut. ;D (or just watch the video and ignore my work. See how I care.)

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Oyoyoy, it's been a while. And there's been tons of interviews since the last update! Sorry about that. I haven't really had the energy to transcribe everything really. But here is at least a transcription of the latest article in Q mag. There's some good bits here, though it talks a mainly about the band’s personal lives rather than the music (I’d like to think in order to understand their mindset going into this album rather than for gossipy reasons. I hope.)

Scans can be found here: http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=10818296&postcount=4

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I had a lot of trouble transcribing this one for. They kinda kept talking over each other. But at least this is an entertaining interview overall. (What’s Matt got against mechanics anyway, other than them not being rock stars lol.)

Thanks to Musenewses for putting both halves together and onto soundcloud.

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Hello there. I didn't notice there were new Muse interviews until just an hour or so ago; I’ve been quite distracted with the new Daredevil series! I recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in superheroes. It's that good. But anyway, we are here to talk about Muse, amirite? Whoops.

Some interesting bits are…Apparently also Matt stalks us on the boards and Twitter. I hope he’s alright after that lol. And also at least some of the songs played during the Psycho tour will make it to the Drones tour. There’s also a bit where I can’t figure out what Matt is saying about piano because he’s talking at the same time as Dom (of course). I hope he's saying that there is piano, and not that there isn’t. *crosses fingers*

Also I haven’t really properly checked this over because I’m quite tired tonight, so sorry about any wackiness in the transcript. (Come back tomorrow for both parts of the Sixx Sense interview. :D)

The embed code didn’t work so click here to listen to it.

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I am currently on the hunt for good quality scans. I tried buying the issue digitally but Google Play tells me it's not available in my country. D: until then, photos can be found on twitter »HERE!«

Here Matt talks about going back to (relative, for Muse) basics, and there are a few interesting snippets about some songs, in particular, The Handler and The Globalist. I'm so excited, guys!!

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Edit: Here’s another link to the interview where you don’t have to log in to listen to it. ;)

It's a Dom interview! Woo! Some interesting stuff here is how the album wasn't conceived as a concept album but it all just kind of evolved naturally instead.

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Last one for today! (so much for Daily Muse Bread) This interviewer has a really calm voice. So does Chris. I enjoyed listening to both of them. Anyway this is a really short one, and I'm giggling at them being superstar divas trying to cram themselves into an LDV haha.

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Actually, does anyone know who this interview is with?
Anyway, this isn't all that different from the interview with Triple J, except we get a bit more info on ‘The Globalist’, which is apparently Citizen Erased 2!

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Woo, first new interview I think? With Triple J. Matt talks about the themes and inspiration of Drones as well as a bit about the Psycho Tour.

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20 March 2015 @ 10:50 pm
…Long time no see. Yes I’m actually quite alive.

Anyway, there’s no new information in this article but it’s just nice to see Muse in the press again. Also, we have a new tag! Drones Era is officially begun woo!!!!

The scans for this one can be found here on the .mu boards

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